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Protect your investment by regular Methamphetamine Testing

Propertyscouts Methamphetamine inspections. Protecting your investment.Propertyscouts Hawkes Bay know that for most investors their rental property is their most valuable asset. When purchasing a new property owners need peace of mind that the house has not previously been used a Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory (Clan Lab) or been used for the routine consumption of Methamphetamine.
Tenants also want to be sure they are not being exposed to the harmful chemical residues associated with Methamphetamine manufacture and consumption.
Rental properties are the leading location of Clan Labs, 70% of those located by Police were in rental properties. How do you know that one of these wasn’t yours?

We believe that Propertyscouts tenant vetting and selection processes are the best in Hawkes Bay, however Meth is a drug that doesn’t discriminate. It effects all classes of society and covers all ages. It is a problem in all parts of New Zealand and if you are not monitoring your investment you could see it devalued by tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the costly remediation process.

Why should I have a test for Methamphetamine?

By testing for the presence of meth at the start and end of each tenancy you can be confident that your house is meth free. When tenants are aware that this process is being adapted it can deter unsuitable ones.

Testing at the beginning of a tenancy helps determine the timeframe of any contamination and can help as evidence with compensation claims from the tenants responsible. Insurance companies are aware of the high costs of remediation from Meth contamination and often the maximum payment does not cover the cost of the remediation.

Looking to buy a property in the Hawkes Bay?

It is becoming more common for sale and purchase agreements to contain a clause that the property tests negative for Methamphetamine. The cost of testing any prospective property you are looking to purchase will be the best money ever spent. Why? Because the costs of remediating a contaminated property can spill into the tens of thousands of dollars and furthermore devalue your property for resale.

How does the testing work?

Propertyscouts Hawkes Bay and Methaware Ltd owner Duncan McLean has over 9 years experience in high level drug investigation. He has been trained as a Police Clandestine Laboratory Member and was previously involved in sampling properties for Meth contamination in conjunction with the ESR. Most ‘qualified’ samplers in New Zealand have been trained over a period of a few hours and will not have the knowledge required to know what to look for and where to look.

Jeff Attwood brings a huge amount of experience to the business with over 10 years experience on the Police Clandestine Laboratory Team and a total of 18 years Police experience.

The first test is referred to as a composite test. Every room within the dwelling will be swabbed using one swab as a composite. Analysis of this composite swab will reveal if there is contamination from Meth and will provide a combined level of contamination. If a positive result is obtained, it may be necessary to conduct separate room by room tests to locate and determine the level of contamination.

All analysis is conducted at Hills Laboratories (IANZ accredited)in Hamilton. Turnaround is 1-3 days depending on the client requirements.

Samples collected can detect levels of methamphetamine down to 0.02μg per 100cm2. This detection limit is well below NZ Standard NZ8510-2017 which stipulates a safe level of contamination of 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 and below.

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